7th Edition Errata as of Sept 2017 (most up to date)

B.2.3 Exceptions to "any unit can make a hex friendly" - partisans (L., defecting Italians (L.9.4).

B. 11.3.1 In an invasion turn unless there is at least one beachhead hex free of Axis ZOC, no port can be constructed, but a counter is used for
     the invasion. Invading units are supplied that turn, but next turn would have to use another counter - if available - to try
     to activate a beachhead or city/town port and would be a turn ex-supply. 
B. 12.3.5 Units forced to retreat off board return as though reinforcements, skipping one turn.

B.12.4.3 AA10 is a river hex.

C.5 In multi-player games, the player with the initiative has priority to use re-roll if available.  Can cede to partner.

D. German tac factors allocated for use in the following Allied turn count vs. the quota of the turn of allocation, not the next turn. 
D. 10.2 "Usual mud rules" would not be severe weather so invasion permitted. 

D.12 Using this rule units beginning their turn ex-supply lose the 1 step/turn penalty at that time.  In the BG this would be D.24(2).  In the AG L.12(3).
D. 22. Only for rolls with one die. 

E. 12 Change victory conditions to read "put in ZOC or capture hex ZZ88." Other conditions (regiments, evacuation) unchanged.
E. 13.3 +5 first to put in ZOC or capture ZZ88. 
E. 14.2 Any roll with one die may generate the reroll EXCEPT for the initial roll determining the fate of a Coastal Defence unit. Combat vs.
     such a unit can generate the re-roll. Note L.20.2 which only applies to Advanced Game. Could be used in the BG. 
E. 16.1.1 Delete reference to A87. Linkage begins the next Allied turn after Allies capture Messina. 
E. 16.2.1-2 Armies get their replacement bonuses their next turn after the turn bonus was triggered. 

J. For 3 player version see Scenario R on separate sheet. 

K. This BG scenario differs from the similarly titled AG scenario. This scenario ends at the end of the war. AG scenario VII ends when the
     Gothic Line reached, 12-I/44 

L. 2.21 cited twice. The second should be 2.22 and is the same as E.14.2 above. 
L 3.1 from section E applies (only one coastal defence per hex). 
L 3.2.3 Allied player with the initiative gets 2 replacements, other player 1. 
L.5.4.2 EXCEPTION - Italian losses always taken first. 

L. Four Italian divisions in Sicily may move freely from the start.

L.8.3 The effects of Mussolini's removal begin the NEXT Allied turn. Including: 

     3.5 Reduced Axis sea movement. Countdown to armistice. 
   10.3.1 Palermo no longer a supply source. 
   20.5.3 Effect on invasions. 
   22.1.1 Effect on strait of Messina 
   25. Naval intervention. 
   25.5 Commando raids 
L. 18.2 Axis Supporting Fire Factors (not if mud). See also L.28.9 Maximum Effort. This differs from the Basic Game. 
     1 - defensively before Allied 7/II/43 turn. 
     2 - Axis 7/II/43 turn. 
     3 - Axis turn after Avalanche. 
     1 - in response to any invasion later. 
     1 - monthly first-half 1944* 
     1 - for entire remainder of 1944* 
     1 - all 1945* 
          *These allocations are replaced by any invasion reaction allocation, not added to it. 
L.19.2 Start of permissible period for 1944 strike is March I, always must be good weather. Other rules unchanged. 
L.19.3 Start of permissible period for 1945 is March I, ditto. 

L.20.3 Invasion defence restrictions take effect Axis turn before invasion possible. 

L.21.2 Replace text with D.19, variable viability of unused ports.

L.21.3 When invasions are separated by armies (E.4.3) an unused port counter may be placed with distance traced from a hex invaded by the other army. Ownership not transferred however.

L.22.1.2 Should read E.16.2.5. 
L.27.2.1 IMPORTANT CHANGE - Allies must put in ZOC or capture ZZ88. 
L.27.2.9 A 9th option to choose from to decide victory. Start from Husky winning each scenario provides victory points which accumulate. One point for Scenario I, 2 for II, and so forth. Winner has
             more points. Might have unassailable lead before scenarios end, in which case, game over. 
L. Option L.28 remains valid (Axis Maximum Effort) and would rule. 
L. Option L.29 (Allied Maximum Effort) also valid, but does not replace point scheme, just ends it earlier. 
L.28.3 No more invasions, nor ports received, but Baytown, Slapstick, Devon, allowed as usual. If an invasion port counter retained, it would be usable
          only to open a town/city port subject to L.21.2 (as changed, see above) and L.21.3.  L.21.6 not permitted with this counter. 
L.28.7 Garrisons released by proximity do count against 2 per turn allowed. 
L.29 If Axis choose their Maximum Effort (L.28) it supersedes an earlier choice by the Allies of their Maximum Effort. 

L.30 All scenarios, I included, may be chosen.  If chosen, victory between Allies decided in one of two ways -

        Most northerly city captured, or if that were not done, by E.13.3, except there is no evacuation.  Ties to Monty.
L.30.3 One Allied player is eliminated in the 3-player game in one of several ways. The deciding factor between the Allied players always will be the capture of the most northerly mainland city, except for                 Scenario I. If neither player has captured a mainland city, Sicily victory conditions would rule for Scenario I. See L.30 above. .  

L.30.3.1 If the Axis player declares Maximum Effort (L.28) only one Allied player continues, commanding all Allied OOB. 

L.30.3.2 If Avalanche occurs, it would be decided by the Allied commander with the initiative at that time, and whichever Allied player has won takes over immediately, even if did not declare Avalanche.  

L.30.3.3 Invasions are voluntary.  See D.14.  In the unlikely event that Avalanche does not occur, 3 player game continues until end of chosen scenario.

L.30.4 8th Army starts with the initiative but may cede it to 7th Army. It alternates thereafter. 
L.30.7 While both players remain active, each may use the others' BU and CAP at double usual cost, if owning player permits. May not stack (confuses control). 

          EXCEPTION - if Avalanche occurs only one IL port is involved, so beginning that turn, all army separation rules are no longer valid (including L.30.10), except for same-hex stacking
          prohibition. Penalty for combined attack (E.6.1) no longer applies. Player with the initiative commands all units and does all combats for that turn. 
L.30.7.1 rule L.5.3 governs withdrawals. Priorities apply separately to each army, unless one army offers to withdraw a unit in substitution for other army's loss. 
L.30.9 One player cannot do both Baytown and Slapstick unless other player permits it. 
L.30.10 Replacements may only be used by their army, not the other army.

N. References to "M" should read "L". 
N.3 Read L20.1-3. 


O. 5. First turn weather is good.  No need to roll.  After that, normal rules.

Q. Add to component list: 
Q.22. Advance North of Rome map. 
Q.23 4 player Diadem OOB