Anzio’s 50th year is not much without the good will on

the part of many.   Kudos to the following …..

Dave Williams: Whose step reduction, terrain rules and breakthrough movement was such an innovative design

Don Greenwood: For agreeing and over seeing the 3rd edition in 1974 to keep it up to date and bring it back to the market place


Rodger McGowan: For great game box art work 3rd edition


Mark Simonitch: For the map graphics for the ITALIA maps and the hours spent making it query free compared to the beautiful but sporadic differences in opinion of the original


Avaloncon/WBC/BPA:  For the gathering together of gamers for many titles for competitive and fun gaming, for which endless friendships would not have flourished, primarily thanks again to Don Greenwood for such an undertaking.


WBC  Anzio Gamemasters:  Tom Oleson, Paul Fletcher, Robert Frisby, Bruno Sinigaglio, Frank Sinigaglio and Bob Ryan for whom the  Anzio tournaments would not have run smoothly.


Bruno Sinigaglio: Whose enthusiasm for the ‘classics’ oversees the Grognard section to the WBC, running many titles at times, whilst still having time to design and develop other titles which continue to enthral.


Tom Oleson: For which Anzio would not have reached 5 let alone 50 years, the clever mechanics and colourful graphics were off set by endless rule ambiguities, Tom’s continued correspondence with Avalon Hill, his enthusiasm and developments resulted in the 3rd edition seeing print, Volume 16#1 of the General is a tour de force for Anzio fans. 2007 saw what every Anzio  fan had wished for, the southern ends and Tom also gave us Sicily, published at his own expense, Anzio continues to thrive for fans of the Italian theatre, ultimately Tom’s 7th edition brings it all together, with many scenarios from Sicily to the Gothic line as well as the ultimate in campaign games.