Advanced Game

For the Ultimate Anzio experience the 50th Anniversary sees the Advanced Game Tournament.  Not for the faint hearted, this is a true test of skill. From the Sicilian landings to the fall of Verona and all the famous battles in between, Anzio has stood the test of time for gaming of the Italian Campaign, like Avalon Hill's classic line ‘Now you can change history!’


The scheduled start will be after the conclusion of the Basic Game Tournament as many will wish to partake in both and as a nod to other yearly PBEM tournaments, players may be overcome with tournament overload. Should those entered be no longer competing in the Basic Game then the Advanced Tournament will begin, this however gives those both novice and experienced time to solitaire their grand plans!!

The Advanced Game Tournament Scenario

1]  This is a new one-off Tournament Scenario encompassing the 7th Edition rules and the Italia maps

2]  Game length 45 Turns* [ 7.11.43 to 6.11.44]   * Axis Maximum Effort may over ride game length.

3] Victory conditions:  Allies must capture 5 of the following 9 Cities: Napoli, Cassino, Pescara, Rome [ 1,2 0r 3 hexes still count as one victory point] Perugia, Ancona, Livorno, Firenze and Rimini

4] The Allies have a five-turn window for one Air Strike [ 4.111.44 to 5.111.44] Not permitted after due to Overlord, should the Allies launch an air strike, they must capture 6 cities not 5 of the 9 listed above

5]  The Germans must be able to maintain a front line on the final turn as per C4.2-page 15C. Failure do so results in an Allied victory

6] The Germans may place 12 fakes at start rather than the normal 6 fakes L.6.1

7] Bidding for sides:  Bidding will be to play the Allies from a scale of 0 to 12 with 12 the highest. Bids will be by email to the Game Master, each point bid sees a reduction of 2 Allied replacements points. Player A bids 6 to Player B 5, Player A takes the Allies and has a reduction of 12 replacements. This commences at one replacement per turn from the 9.1.43 turn. Replacement Bonuses L.5.1.1 are not affected. Tied bids will have the Game Master roll one six-sided dice to decide on Sides.

8] All Matches will be reported for AREA Ratings

9] Match assignments will be made by AREA ratings as follows: In the first round the highest seeds will be listed in group A and the lower seeds and unrated players in group B, then players from each group will be selected randomly by the GM, considering those who favor VASSAL to those who prefer Text/Email to determine first round opponents where possible!


10] After the first round, the field will be split into brackets, the matches in each bracket being selected randomly, by the GM, thereafter, later round assignments will be based upon success in each bracket, as in tennis.


11] Game length will be one turn per 7 days for each player, more can be done, 7-time outs each of one week many be called, and whilst Axis Maximum Effort may well greatly reduce game length, this is a Tournament to savor rather than rush, so each round can last one year, 52 weeks,

45 turns and 7-time outs. Should matches all finish prior to 52-week deadline a 2-week break will commence prior to the next round.



12] Any agreed method of die selection is available. Automated die rollers recommended are ACTS and RPG, see links and AHIKS IRCKS, please inform the Game Master for any match requests


13] Rules queries and errors to be adjudicated by the Game Master and assistants, their decision is final. Common sense prevails!