Basic Game

1]  To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Avalon Hills Anzio game we are running a single elimination basic game, using the 7th edition rules and the 2007 Italia maps starting 1.22.2019.

Those interested must contact the GM by 1.15.2019, this is a free entry competition. Please also state ones preferred method of play, VASSAL or plain email, this is aimed as a fun tournament, but it is appreciated that some only use VASSAL these days rather than turns via plain email. As such this will be considered for the first-round pairings, you’ll find links to Anzio’s VASSAL page below.


2] Players will have the choice of the 15-turn basic game [ Section C: Basic Game pages 14C and 15C]

Or the 6 turn ‘shingle scenario’ [ Section G: Shingle Basic scenario page 32G] The 15-turn scenario will always be the default should players not agree. It will also be the scenario for the final.


3] No optional rules will be in play, except for the RE-ROLL option, see below.


4] In addition to the RE-ROLL C.5 which will used in all games, the advanced game rule L.20.2 [ page 48L] INVASION SURPRISE will also be used - Usual re-roll rules are suspended for an invasion turn only. They resume unchanged after the allies use this option, OR, both sides of the invasion turn end. During the entire invasion turn the allies have one re-roll, usable attacking or defending.


5] All games will be AREA rated.


6] An active lower AREA rating out ranks a higher inactive AREA rating for seedings as of 1.15.2019


7] The tournament will follow a single elimination format.


8] Match assignments will be made by AREA ratings as follows: In the first round the highest seeds will be listed in group A and the lower seeds and unrated players in group B, then players from each group will be selected randomly by the GM, considering those who favor VASSAL to those who prefer Text/Email to determine first round opponents where possible!


9] After the first round, the field will be split into brackets, the matches in each bracket being selected randomly, by the GM, thereafter, later round assignments will be based upon success in each bracket, as in tennis.


10] Byes, if needed will be offered on any given round to the most recent WBC champion first, then randomly among the top players via AREA ratings via the GM. A bye may be declined but a player can only ever be offered one bye for the duration of the tournament.


11a] Side determination will be by “sealed bid” to the GM, ties in favor of the lower ranked player.

Each player bids an adjustment to the German ersatz reinforcements from -6 to +6.

The player whose bid would result in the fewest German ersatz reinforcements gets to play the Germans. Examples: -2 beats -1, +1 beats +2, -1 beats +1

Any reductions or increases in German ersatz reinforcements are taken one per turn, starting with the OCT 11 Turn. An increase is always taken as an infantry ersatz, when there is a reduction, the German players gets to choose which type of ersatz unit to lose, turn by turn.


11b] In the basic game ‘Shingle’ scenario, if chosen and the winning bid is negative. Commence with reductions from the first German turn, Nov 111, If the bid is positive, the additional infantry ersatz will be available also from the first German turn Nov 111


12]  Game length for each round will be 16 weeks. Each player may call one time out each of one week.

However, players may agree to do as many or as few complete turns per week to complete the game. All game turns must be copied to the GM. Each turn must be acknowledged to as arrived. Games that are not completed on time will be reviewed by the GM and assistant to consider speed of play and state of play for a winner decision, all GM decisions are final.


13] There will be a two week pause at the end of each round.



14]Players may choose Text/Email or VASSAL for method of play. However, Text/Email will be the default choice.


15] Any agreed method of die selection is available. Automated die rollers recommended are ACTS and RPG, see links below and AHIKS IRCKS


16] Rules queries and errors to be adjudicated by the Game Master and assistants. Their decision is final.