Basic Game Tournament Prizes

1st Place: Anzio@50 Winner Plaque and $50 gift certificate for Legion Games

Runner up: $15 gift certificate for Abebooks

3rd Place: US Army Campaigns of WWII: Rome to Arno (Centre of Military History)

Oleson Sportsmanship Award: ‘The Other side of the Hill’ by B H Liddle Hart

Advanced Game Tournament Prizes

1st Place: Anzio@50 Advanced game Winner Plaque, Invasion: Malta (Legion Games)* and ‘Panzers in Italy 43-45 ‘by Concorde Press**

Runner up: $25 gift certificate for Abebooks

3rd Place: ‘Neither fear nor hope’ by Von Senger und Etterlin (war time memories)**

Invasion Malta and Invasion Leros by Vance Von Borries currently P250 by Legion Games*

Alternate titles available should title already be owned**